self motivationIt’s not your boss’s job to motivate you.  In fact, it’s not anyone else’s duty to motivate you.

The only person who can really motivate you is you.

You can listen to someone else, and yes, they may motivate you for a moment, but ultimately it is only because you choose to act upon what they said or did.

That’s the key — until you decide to take action, nothing will change.

Motivated people are motivated because they believe in themselves and the positive impact they intend to make in others.

Motivated people know success is not what they did yesterday, but rather it’s what they will do today.

Motivated people know what they allow to enter into their mind will impact what they think and how they react.

Motivated people start each day with a plan they believe in.

Motivated people are not deterred by setbacks or obstacles. They see them as challenges they can rise up to and turn into positive outcomes.

Motivated people know they’re influenced by those people with whom they associate, and as such, they maximize their interaction with other highly motivated people.

Motivated people do not see themselves held back by their environment, but rather they see themselves changing the environment into one they want.

Motivated people know they don’t have all the answers, but they do ask great questions, not fearing what others might think.

Motivated people don’t see themselves as a victim, regardless of what may happen to them.

Motivated people seek motivational material.  (Sign up below for the weekly Monday Motivational video I send free to people who want to accelerate their success!)

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Motivated people know they’re the ones who will make the difference when it matters most.

Motivated people see the thrill in helping others achieve success.

Motivated people are passionate about everything they do.

Motivated people think long-term.

Motivated people attract other motivated people and in turn raise the bar, allowing both to be more motivated.




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