motivationHighly motivated people thrive on big challenges. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the thrill and the rush in trying to succeed.

Sounds good for those people who are wired to react in that manner.

One of the best ways I’ve found to motivate oneself is by doing it not with the huge challenges, but by doing it with the easy wins.  I’m not saying that makes this person less successful.

In fact, I’ll argue it makes them more successful.

Each day and each week, we’re all confronted with a wide range of activities and things we need to deal with. We all live with those circumstances, so I suggest we make these things the ones that motivate us to succeed.  The other thing I like about this is they tend to be things we are going to successfully accomplish.

With that being the case, celebrate them and allow the outcome to be your motivation.

Today, look at what you are going to be doing and look at each item as something you’re going to take pride in.  You’re going to take pride in it because it represents you and what you’re capable of doing.   Because of this, you’re going to do it well and the outcome will speak for itself.

Perfect!  You’ve now motivated yourself!

The big outcome you’ll get from motivating yourself with the easy quick wins is you’ll find yourself doing them better and faster.  The result then becomes an increase in your productivity.   Now this is something to get pumped about!

If you’re like me you’re constantly chasing 20 things at the same time always wondering if any of them can get taken care of properly.   Celebrating success and motivating yourself on the little things allows you to do just that.

Go for it today and all week.  Celebrate the little things!

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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