We’ve reached my #10 secret in 10 Secrets for a Successful Sales Meeting!  If you are a sales manager, you can’t underestimate the need for motivation and building culture.

For most salespeople, the sales meeting is their biggest interaction with you and the company as a whole.  Make sure they leave with a positive state of mind.

You as a sales leader spend the bulk of your time interacting with others in the company.  Your salespeople typically do not.  This makes the sales meeting that much more important.

Your salespeople are using the sales meeting as their measurement tool to determine how they feel about the company.  This includes their willingness to go the extra mile – or to work as minimally as possible.

Never underestimate your overall objective is to ensure your salespeople leave the meeting motivated, energized and focused to go out and make it happen.

To do this, you have to remember that nobody can motivate anyone. The best they can do is to create an environment where people will want to motivate themselves.

What this means is your team has to see you as a motivated person and one who is supporting them each day and not just during a meeting.

Positive people attract positive people in the same way negative people attract negative people.  Worse yet is that negative people will try to tear down positive people to help make themselves look good.

Everything you do in the meeting must have a positive focus.  This does not mean you avoid the tough discussions. You can still have them, but when you’re done with the discussion, you have to wrap it up in a positive manner.

A great technique to help people feel motivated is to ask members to share a recent success they had or to share a goal they’re working on and how they intend to accomplish it.  By allowing others to be involved, you build a positive culture and it encourages people to learn from one another.

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