phone-skillsWe have all been told many times about the importance of not avoiding making the difficult phone call.

Same goes for when someone calls. It might be tempting to dodge a tough call, but we simply can’t if we’re going to be a truly top-performing salesperson.

I’m going to throw a wrench into this belief and do it all for the sake of creating sales motivation and getting the week off to a great start.

Make a phone call first thing Monday morning, but rather than making a tough call, make an easy phone call.

Your first call should be to a customer who you like and likes what you sell.

Objective of your call is the person on the other end is going to tell you some very positive reasons why they like doing business with you.  The person you call is also going to be glad you  cared enough to reach out and contact them.

It can be amazing what this does for your sales motivation when you do this first thing Monday morning.  The customer is going to think of you in even more positive terms because you demonstrated you care by calling them.   As good as that reason is, an even better reason is the customer in will likely increase the positive outlook you have on your job and what you’re selling.

When you end the phone call, you’re going to be pumped and ready to make Monday a super day, which in turn will carry over and make the whole week that much better.

Remember one more thing. As the customer is sharing with you, make sure you’re writing down what they are saying.  Good stuff should be kept, as it can become a powerful sales motivator for you later on in the week.

It’s beautiful, because it’s so easily done and it accomplishes so much in just a couple of minutes.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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