The first sale you make today and everyday is to yourself. Each one of your sales are built off of this first sale of the day, for one simple reason: your mindset. It’s your mindset that determines how your day goes. You get to choose the day you get to have, don’t allow others to choose it for you.



When you make the first sale of the day to yourself and embrace the mindset that today will be your day to impact others, it’s amazing what happens. You will move from reacting to your surroundings to actually making things happen. You don’t allow yourself to shut down. Instead, you open up to hear and understand more. The more you hear, the better you understand, and the more you’re able to help. The more you help, the greater the impact you will have.

You can choose to go through life having whatever kind of life you choose. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s your life, and it doesn’t belong to anyone else. Since it belongs to you, I suggest you make the most of it by starting off today and everyday by initially selling to yourself. You should be the first sale. Believe in yourself, believe in what you can do, and believe today will be full of open doors and open conversations.

I am a firm believer in each of us being confronted with numerous opportunities each day; yet, most of us never see them because our mind is closed. If you want to make your sales quota, if you want to turn your prospects into customer and not just one-time customers but long-term customer relationships, then it starts with you. Begin by having a long-term customer relationship with yourself and buying what you have to offer.

Others will never believe in you until you believe in yourself.

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