Trust is currency! Why would a customer want to do business with you if they first didn’t trust you? Unless you’re the only solution to their problem or your price is so cheap, there’s little chance they will buy from you.

Trust is the foundation you build sales on:



In sales, no matter how much the customer wants to know your price, you can’t give it to them until there’s a level of trust between both parties. When you give a price to someone before trust is established, most likely, they will use your price as leverage to secure a lower price from whoever they want to buy from – not you. This is a key reason why you can’t just give a customer who calls you up a quick price quote simply because they want one. The only way you would ever want to give the customer a quick price is if they are already your customer, which means there is already a level of trust built between you.

Typically, when trust is established between two parties, truth is spoken. Salespeople are quick to fall into the trap of making assumptions based off of inaccurate information. This is what happens when you take a conversation between two parties that don’t trust each other and try to race to the close.

Trust is created by having a genuine interest in helping your customer achieve the outcome they desire. Trust is not created when you’re more focused on your own sale. Trust is the foundation from which all profitable sales occur. Notice I use the word “profitable.” I use it because profit cuts both ways; it’s the revenue you receive over and above your cost, and it’s the value your customer receives. If there’s no trust, the customer may wind up with a product or service that doesn’t fit their needs. In other words, the customer won’t get the profit they’re looking for. If this is the case, you’ll have little chance in being able to turn that sale into another sale; therefore, your profit potential will be gone.

Each day, your goal must be to create trust with those you meet and deepen your level of trust with those you already know. Trust is the foundation of sales and what business is built upon. The bigger your foundation of trust, the bigger your sales potential. I have yet to see a large building without a foundation – it’s just not possible. Show me a massive building and beneath it, you’ll see a large foundation. The level of trust you create in others is a direct reflection of the level of sales you’re able to achieve.

The salesperson known for their trust is the salesperson who garners repeat sales, referrals, and a steady stream of new customers – all wanting to do business with them. Yes, trust is the currency by which sales is measured.

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