At the start of every year, it seems like we all sit down and create a list of goals that we’re determined to accomplish. Hmmm… so, how did you do with last year’s list?



Every year, I bet you say how the next year will be different and how you’re not going to repeat last year’s mistakes. However, how many times have you said that only to repeat it to yourself again the following year?

Goals are worthless. Yes, you read that correct – goals are worthless, unless you have a plan behind them. Not only do you need a plan but you need a plan that you can execute. The number of people who say they’re going to into shape by going to the gym every day this year is scary. Have you noticed how busy your gym is in January and how quiet it is come April? Oh, you probably can’t answer that question, because you’re one of those people who never made it back to the gym come second quarter.

Maybe the best goal you can make for yourself this year is to not make a massive list of goals but rather set one goal that you can build a plan around and truly accomplish. When I say truly accomplish, because again so many of us, myself included, often make goals and a year later claim to achieve them because we dumbed them down. A lot of time is wasted building lists and pseudo plans that end up being an exercise in futility, only to be repeated again next year.

Success is not a result of everything you accomplish, success is a result of the things you accomplish that actually make a difference. Make 2020 year that you stop focusing on the lengthy list but rather on the singular activity that will truly make a difference.

One year from now, I want you to be able to say that this was the year you made a difference – that should be your goal. To accomplish this, you might need to forgo activities that you thought were necessary; success doesn’t come easy. Success and focus are two words that support each other.

Your greatest thrill will not come from seeing long lists of goals accomplished. Instead, the thrill will come when you accomplish the one significant goal that you set for yourself.

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