Which one are you – a sales hunter or a sales farmer? I talk about this a lot in my book, A Mind for Sales and let me tell you where I see people going wrong. I’ve seen salespeople get off the track. Numerous salespeople fail, and I believe the biggest reason why salespeople fail is because they can’t prospect. Salespeople can’t prospect because they want leads. Actually, salespeople just want customers who are ready to buy just dropped into their lap. If sales were that easy, it certainly wouldn’t pay what it does. There’s a lot of money to be made in sales, because you have to go out and work. You’ve got to put forth the hard work and effort. 

Video:  Are You a Sales Hunter or a Sales Farmer?

A sales farmer wants all of the leads coming to them. The hunter, and this is why I am known as The Sales Hunter, goes out and hunts the leads. This is why I am a sales hunter. I do the work to go out and find the leads. I don’t sit there and wait for people to bring me leads. I go out and get them myself. Ask yourself – are you a sales farmer or a sales hunter?  

A sales hunter will always accept leads. That’s never a problem. Hey, I’ll look a gift horse in the face. And you bet I’ll take it. What a sales hunter, like myself, doesn’t do is sit there and wait… and wait and wait. A sales hunter goes out and actively creates their own leads. This week and every week, I want you to be a sales hunter. Right now, more than ever, in the environment that we’re living in, it is most critical to be a sales hunter. Why? Because the marketplace is more distorted than ever. Everything going on around us is causing everything to be incredibly twisted. 

If you haven’t already, go grab a copy of my book, A Mind For Sales. I promise it will offer you a lot of insights, especially during this uncertain time right now. When you’re done, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share a review on Amazon or wherever you purchased the book. Reviews are the best way to help spread the word.  

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