What does 2015 look like for you?

I’m like most people. I get toward the end of the year and I assess the year that is about to be gone — and then I plan for the year ahead.

Rather than basing goals and objectives on how the current year finished, why not do zero based goal setting?

Zero-based goal setting is no different than what some companies do when developing financial budgets.  Rather than rolling over numbers from the previous year, they start with zero and add in only what’s needed.

The more I got thinking about that concept, the more I realized how powerful of an idea it would be for the setting of goals / objectives.

With that said, let’s make 2015 a year for radical change.

There have been several multi-year goals I’ve been working on and I need to stop making them “multi-year.” The only reason they’ve been multi-year is because I haven’t been willing to be committed to achieving it enough.

Here’s my idea. Rather than focusing time on a huge list of objectives, let’s focus on one or two that will result in radical change.  What is something you could focus more of your time and effort on that would create radical change?

Continuing the idea of radical thinking, maybe it’s not focusing more time, but rather maybe it’s focusing less of your time and utilizing other resources.

What are the other resources you could tap into?  What do you need right at the start of 2015 to take full advantage of the resources?

If the plan for doing something radical entails using less of your own time and more outside resources, then maybe it’s time to make the goals even more radical.  Now that’s radical thinking!

If you’re wondering what my plan is for radical change in 2015, I will just say stay tuned and you’ll see it very soon.

I’m doing two things radically different next year — one you’ll see in January and the other you’ll see no later than April.  Get ready! 2015 is going to be fun!

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