Voicemail can be a great way to tell somebody “thank you” for their business or assistance.

I’m not saying this as a reason to forgo the handwritten thank you note.  No, what I’m saying is you use it in addition to the handwritten note.

Think of the number of times when you have been working with a customer and somebody does something to assist you. Did you thank them for it?  I’ll bet you didn’t.  I’m not saying this to try to evoke shame in you, as I’m guilty as charged!

What I’m saying is that it’s great if you can take a minute to pick up the phone and call them to say thanks.   Chances are you’ll get their voicemail, but that’s fine. What you’re wanting to do is thank them.

What makes the telephone and voicemail such a great tool is it allows your voice and passion to come through.

Telling somebody “thank you” does several things.

First, it makes the other person feel good and appreciated.  That in and of itself is reason enough to do it, but it also makes you feel better too.   The sales profession can be tough. There are days where it seems as if nothing is going right, so the ability to tell somebody thank you can do wonders in helping keep you from getting into a deep funk about things.

For the person who is receiving the thank you message, it can serve as a powerful tool to help them feel positive about what it is they need to get done that day.

Ask yourself this question: “Would your day go better if the first voicemail you heard in the morning was somebody saying ‘thank you'”?

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog. 

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