Mark Hunter LeadershipHow do you view leadership?

I get tired of too many people running around saying they’re leaders based on what they do on their job.

They think because they’re in charge of “X” or “Y” they are a leader.

Leadership is far more than an activity based on the position you hold.

Leadership is a lifestyle that is part of you 24/7.  Leadership is a lifestyle that is part of who you are whether you’re at work or at home changing diapers or taking out the trash.

True leadership is not something that is turned on or off like a light bulb.  True leadership is not something you can wake up on weekends and decide not to do.

A true leader is a leader in everything. This doesn’t mean they’re leading everything.  No, it means they are aware of who they are and the role they may be called on to play at any moment, whether it be helping a neighbor or caring for an elderly parent.

The person who realizes leadership is a 24/7 lifestyle is the type of person others want to be with.  I don’t say this as a means to have a big head or a massive ego.

On the contrary, true leaders are those who have parked their ego, because they know the measure of their leadership is not in what they do. It’s in what those around them do.  Those who view leadership as an activity are the ones who are guilty of the big head and big ego.

Do we need more people who view leadership as a lifestyle?  Yes! All you have to do is look around.

Your challenge — and I’ll say it’s my challenge too — is to not be guilty of activity-based leadership, but rather to be one who makes leadership a true lifestyle.

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