Dealing with some pretty flabby prospecting muscles? 


Prospecting is a muscle, and it has to be exercised daily. 

Recently I found myself not running for about a week, and man, I was getting stiff. I went out for a run and it was ugly; it took me a couple of days to get back in the groove. It’s exactly the same with prospecting. 

Too many times we get caught up, or we think we just don’t have time to prospect. Then the prospecting muscle gets flabby.

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Prospecting must be done daily. 

I know when I work out daily, I feel a lot better. I have a good friend who says, don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time to exercise. Exercise creates time because you feel better. 

I apply the same thing to prospecting. Don’t sit there and say that you don’t have time to prospect. 

If you make the time, prospecting can benefit you greatly. 

Prospecting creates sales for you because it gives you more opportunities to close. Prospecting increases your level of confidence, too. 

Why? You’re no longer looking at that one deal that you’ve got to close, and as a result, you make a deal with the devil to try to close it.

When you’re not prospecting regularly, you wind up chasing things that you shouldn’t be chasing. 


Know your number. 

How much time are you allocating each day to prospecting? How many calls/emails  are you making daily? You have to set your own number—everyone’s business is different. For me, it’s just three. I know if I make three phone calls, three emails a day, my business is good. 

Now, I always try to go way over that, but I know that three is my minimum and I feel good when I hit three. 

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Sometimes, just do it. 

Never stop and question yourself, or think, “
I got to get more prepared.”  Just make the call. It’s no different than going for a run or lifting weights. Simply start. 

I want you to have a prospecting muscle that’s firm, tone, and that delivers leads for you. And that means you’re going to set a daily goal and work to achieve it. 


Set achievable expectations.

I’m not trying to set a marathon record every day. Oftentimes, people put off prospecting because they feel they have to be a machine and make 150 calls in a day. 

Do what you feel comfortable with, but do it deliberately every day to create a routine. And when you do that, it’s amazing how trim and firm that prospecting muscle will be.

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