Businessman sitting in office with personal organizer on telephoThis is Thanksgiving week in the United States, and for most people, that means it is a  short work week.

Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be productive.  In fact, I’ve found it to be a perfect week for salespeople to turn it into an outstanding week.

Reason I like this week for salespeople is because typically there are fewer business meetings.  Talk to anyone in the travel industry and they will tell you this week there are far fewer business meetings being held and business people traveling.

That is music to my ears!

That means the majority of people are going to be in their offices, which means it’s a perfect time to be making telephone calls.

Use this week to make as many telephone calls as possible. I know for me, I’ve been able to get a number of conference calls set up with people who I normally would not be able to connect with.  Reason I’m able to connect with them is because they’re in the office.

If you work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday right, you can wind up with a slew of productive conversations.

Don’t waste the week cleaning things up, organizing your files and other stuff that really winds up being nothing more than “make work.”  Instead, go out and make some real work by making stuff happen.

As you make your phone calls and talk with people, keep the conversation timely.

Don’t put your foot in your mouth and say something like how it would be so nice to get together after the first of the year and when things quiet down after all the holidays.  To me that is simply too far in the future.

Be talking about stuff now!  There are still many things you can do this year. There is still a lot of business to be had in 2013.

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