How is your sales pipeline doing?

Is it turning out the types of leads you need or is it merely junked up with stuff you don’t realize is junk?

Too many salespeople keep leads in their sales pipeline that have zero potential of every resulting in sales, but they do this just to give them a sense of security.

If you’re looking for security, go get yourself a blanket. It works well for the Peanuts character Linus.

If you’re interested in closing sales, then maybe it’s time to start cleaning out the junk.

Sales leads in your pipeline need to be providing you with a good reason to remain there.  If they’re not providing you with feedback, input or at least a good indication as to their buying timeline, then it’s time to move them to the side.

It’s far more important to spend high-quality time developing a few good prospects than to spend your time with prospects that are nothing more than suspects.

I’m amazed at the number of salespeople who spend their time with people they think are prospects, and the entire time they’re meeting with them, they don’t ask them a question that would point them to a close. 

Each sales call that does not result in a sale must contain at least one question that either gets the customer to share with you something about their timeline to make a decision or a critical need they have.

If they don’t or won’t share with you this type of information when you ask them for it, then you have to begin to move them toward the “suspect” category. You may even need to categorize them as junk that’s plugging up your sales pipeline.

Having a full pipeline is important. I’ll never discount the importance.

However, if the pipeline is full of people who won’t share with you information about their buying timeline and/or their critical needs, then you have to be willing to move them aside.

Sales are earned by being focused, and it’s hard to be focused when you’re dealing with those who have zero desire to buy.

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