Do you use your personality to help you communicate more effectively? How many times have we found ourselves running from the person who has zero personality?

Sales is about connecting with the other person. It’s about creating confidence, and that means allowing both parties to feel comfortable with each other.

Where does your personality fit in all of this? Would you say it’s an asset or a liability?

Earlier this year I was working with a sales team that had little chance of ever being successful, despite having a very good sales process and business model. The lacking ingredient was the sales representatives themselves, as none of them were comfortable enough to allow their personalities to come through.

The issue didn’t start with the sales team. It was at every level of the company. Everyone in the company believed their mission was so critical and important that allowing themselves to open up and have fun was just not possible.

Recently, I did a podcast for my new book, High-Profit Prospecting. Have you bought it yet? And if not, why not?! It is a great investment in yourself and your selling career. (If you have bought it, do me a favor and leave a review on the site where you bought the copy and/or share it with others in your office or on social media.)

The podcast was about my book, but it was more than that, as it was about the value of using your personality to connect.

Check out the podcast and you’ll hear me and the host, Phil Gerbyshak, chatting in a very relaxed, free-flowing manner.   The conversation was so free-flowing, I didn’t even realize until part way through he were doing a show.When we allow our personality to come through we’re far more relaxed, we listen better and most of all we think clearer.   Ask yourself this question, is your personality work for or against you?

When we allow our personality to come through, we’re far more relaxed, we listen better and most of all, we think clearer.  Ask yourself this question: Is your personality working for or against you?

And now back to the company I mentioned earlier in this article. Yes, they’re doing much better with their sales, and the only thing that changed is there’s a new sales leader. The new sales leader subscribes 100% to the premise you can be far more effective in selling when you do it with your personality.

Don’t forget to check out “Conversations with Phil Gerbyshak.

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