Yes, this is a serious question. Is your dog a better salesperson than you?

The reason I ask this is because far too many salespeople aren’t selling. All they’re doing is conveying information to the customer.

If all you’re doing is passing information along to the customer, getting answers to questions, taking care of requests, etc., then I will argue your dog could do it better.  In fact, not only could your dog do it better, but your dog would probably get more than you.

At least your dog would come away from the customer having been able to get their belly rubbed and a few treats.

About now you’re asking if I’m serious, and I am.

If all you do is pass information and say thanks for the orders they give you, then you’re not needed.   Yes, I’m on a rant here, but salespeople who are nothing more than customer service people are only kidding themselves.  Get a dog!  Let the dog take the information to the customer. They’ll come away with far more!

Sales is about helping the customer see things they didn’t realize were possible.  Sales is about selling INCREMENTAL business, not merely taking orders for what the customer would have ordered regardless if you were involved.

No wonder many companies have moved to on-line ordering or any of the other numerous ordering methods that don’t involve dealing with a salesperson.  The reason is simple — the salesperson simply is not bringing any value to the scenario.

Here’s the activity you need to do:  Keep a record of each activity you do that creates incremental sales.  If there’s nothing or very little on your list, then get ready to be replaced by your dog.

You can skip the argument about how the customer loves to see you and appreciates the fact you’re not pushy.   If you’re using that tired belief to justify your activity, then do yourself a favor — locate the nearest unemployment office because that’s where you’re headed.

Sales is about selling, not merely taking orders. 

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