I recently received a comment on my post “Should Social Media Replace Cold Calling” from a reader clarifying that blogs are a bit different on the social media landscape.  The reader was pointing out that the day may come when every salesperson is blogging. Thank you, Todd, for the comment!

It is a good clarification, because I agree that blogging is different than other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

The essence of my point remains, though, in that I still believe salespeople need to be very conscientious of how they are spending their time. Social media, including blogging, can quickly gobble up precious time that should be spent on interacting individually with customers and prospects in person and on the phone.

I do think there is value to blogging (obviously I think this because I blog) and I do think there are places to read compilations of blogs (like this one from Top Sales Experts).

If you are going to blog, I would just offer this one suggestion: Spend time off hours writing several postings at once that then are “ready to go” when you want to publish one at a time. You will get in a rhythm with writing and can usually crank out more than you would if you tried to just start fresh each time you wanted to publish. Same goes for reading blogs… set aside a block of time to read several of your favorites (possibly that you subscribe to via RSS), instead of trying to read them throughout your day or week.

So, is there value to blogging? Only you know what is the best use of your time on any given day. If you ever are blogging when you know you should be interacting one-on-one with your customers, then it’s probably wise to listen to your gut and do what is ultimately going to garner more results.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment so we can keep the dialogue going!

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