People ask me what my definition of integrity is. Then, without even catching their breath, they ask if I see them as having integrity. Why do we even have to ask this question? Why should it be a trait we have to look for?

If we have to ask ourselves if we have integrity, it leaves me wondering what our customers are saying about us. Integrity is not an afterthought. It’s like the used car dealer who goes by the name, “Honest Sam.” Why should the word “honest” even have to be in there? What does that make everyone else? Dishonest?

Where integrity most comes into play is with customers. Yes, integrity is critical when you’re looking to close a deal or negotiating with a customer. I also believe it impacts how you prospect.

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We become most like those we spend the most time with. This applies to people, but hang with me, because it also applies to pets. Have you ever noticed how a pet takes on the personality of their master? It’s not a fluke! The pet knows that the better they serve their master, the better their master will treat them. Go ahead and say I’ve lost it with that last comment but hey, it served its purpose by getting you thinking.

Prospects you attract and even more so, the prospects who turn into customers, will be a reflection of who you are. People are most comfortable being around those who are most like them. This means when you’re around somebody similar to you there’s a level of comfort and when people are comfortable, the conversation comes easy. You can’t sell to anyone who is uncomfortable with you. This is where integrity becomes huge. Integrity is like a magnet. A magnet creates a magnetic field. The stronger the magnet, the stronger the field. It works the same with integrity – when you demonstrate integrity, you’re creating a field around it that’s attracting others of integrity.

The easiest way to have better customers is by increasing your commitment to living a life of integrity. Up your integrity and you will up your customers. There’s a reason why some salespeople seem to have lousy customers. Lousy customers do not place a high value in integrity. Most likely, it’s because they feel threatened by it. To them, a person with integrity will look through them and see them for what they really are. If you want lousy customers, just start behaving like a lousy salesperson and they’ll find you.

Sales is an amazing profession for a number of reasons, but one main reason is because you can build your success off of who you are: an integrity filled salesperson.

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