Never before have I been more proud of the sales profession and more passionate about its impact on the global economy.

In this era of consolidation and trends that move at the speed of a tweet, sales is a profession that doesn’t just stay the course, but sets the course.

Last week 400 sales professionals gathered in Atlanta for the first ever OutBound – Prospecting/Pipeline/Productivity Conference.  The event was the brainchild of myself and 3 peers — Anthony Iannarino, Jeb Blount and Mike Weinberg. We’re good friends and business peers who all share a common goal — a strong passion for sales and, in particular, outbound sales.

We knew if we raised the sales flag, people would rally around it and they most certainly did!

Throughout the entire event, people kept coming up to me sharing their sales stories and sharing how much they love sales.   The comments ranged from people brand new to sales to 30-year veterans.  Throughout each conversation there was a common thread of optimism and success.

During a brief Q&A session, one salesperson asked how he should deal with a difficult boss. In a matter of seconds there were people coming from all over the room giving him their business card saying they were hiring. I suspect this person came looking for ideas and wound up leaving with a new job.

After the day was over, I couldn’t help but feel unbelievable about not just the day, but also the way people were feeling toward sales. There were 400 Salespeople who barely knew each other in the morning and then 400 salespeople leaving that afternoon feeling part of a sales family.

In the week since the event, the comments have continued to come in about how positive people feel about sales. Along with the comments have come questions from people asking about what they can do next to take their sales career to the next level. I’ve enjoyed answering each one and seeing the sales community grow closer.

Two things have become evident. First, we will be having another OutBound. It will be in Dallas on October 11.   If you want first crack at discount tickets, get signed up at this link.

Second, I’m creating a new coaching program delivered via video streaming. Things are moving fast and I hope to have the details finalized in the next couple of weeks, but if you’re interested and want first crack at it, email me and say, “Hey Mark, let’s talk!”  My email is Mark@TheSalesHunter.com

The future of sales is bright, the opportunities are limitless and I’m more excited than ever! Join me on our mission to make sales the absolute greatest profession we know it can be!

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