The mind is the most incredible app you have. And it’s free. Use it.

How do you ensure your mindset is propelling you forward and not holding you back? Check out these 6 tips. 

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1. Who are you tapping into? 

Who are the people you’re learning from? They may be on the internet, or other people in your circle, but who are you tapping into to gain knowledge? 

I can’t help but think of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, three incredibly brilliant and wealthy individuals–and they collaborate together. They talk incessantly. There’s definitely something to learn from that. 


2. What are you learning? 

Are you reading and learning from a cross-section of perspectives? I see too many people focused with one set of beliefs and that’s all they ever examine. 

A diverse perspective is important because the people you come in contact with as a salesperson have different business philosophies, and different strategies. I need to understand all of them because it helps me be more beneficial to them. 

Charlie Munger was asked a number of years ago what book he was reading. And he said he was reading a book on electrical engineering. At the time he was in his mid-80s, and reading a book on electrical engineering.

Why? He said, “Because I really don’t think I know enough about that subject.” 

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3. How are you using it? 

This is really key. Sure, you acquire knowledge. But how are you playing it back? 

How is it helping you: with your customers? Or with how you do your job? 

I love learning something new and sharing it with customers. Not to preach on them, but because I’ve found it to be beneficial. I read a book, I like the book and I immediately recommend it to other people. I have other people do that to me.  I’m using it not only to benefit myself, but to help benefit others.

4. Where can you share it? 

Be deliberate about your knowledge by being a resource that your customers can turn to. 

For example, you know you are received as a critical asset to a customer when they ask you questions about stuff you don’t know, you don’t sell, or about stuff that they wouldn’t expect you to know. That puts you head and shoulders above 99% of all other salespeople. 

That’s using your mind as an asset to become an asset.


5. What’s your daily routine?

Think of how much time it would take to get ready in the morning if you didn’t have a routine. But because you have a routine,  I’ll bet you do the exact same thing in the exact same order every morning. That allows you to do it effortlessly. 

What you want to do is save your mind for those activities that are absolutely critical. I know incredibly brilliant people who literally eat the same meal every day for lunch, because they don’t want to think about it. Steve Jobs, of course, always wore a black shirt, because he didn’t want to think about it. 

Simplify what you can,  and make it into a routine to allow your mind to be more focused. 

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6. Celebrate your success. 

A positive mind delivers positive results. When you go down a negative path, it’s amazing how everything becomes negative. View what you do in a positive light. 

What does that mean? At the end of every day, take a moment. Whatever it was that you  accomplished, it may even be pretty insignificant, but celebrate it. 

End the day on a positive note and it will frame your mind up for the next day.


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