The attitude you have about prospecting determines your results. 

It’s true, the results you get from any prospecting call are a reflection of your attitude going into it. 

This goes not only for prospecting, but for every type of sales call you make. I’ve got three strategies to improve your attitude before you reach out to that prospect.

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The right attitude changes everything.

With the right attitude, we hear much better, we feel better, we ask better questions. 

Oftentimes I’ll see two salespeople working almost the exact same list, and one has a great attitude and the other doesn’t. It’s amazing how the person with a great attitude gets much better results. It’s not by luck. 

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You can create good fortune because of the attitude you have.

But Mark, how can I have a great attitude about prospecting

Don’t expect the worst. 

Don’t focus on: What if they chew me out? You’re right, they could. Tomorrow I’m going to be on an airplane. It could crash. But I don’t think about that. I think about where I’m going and the benefits of why I’m getting on that plane. 

I’m going to be getting in my car in just a bit. I don’t think about getting in an accident. I think about where I’m going. 

Your attitude is going to determine your feelings. You can condition yourself to feel at-risk. I’m not saying to be cavalier, but shift your mindset to the positive!

Keep scrolling for three strategies…

1. I must know I can help the person I’m reaching out to. 

I’m making prospecting calls into my ICP, my ideal customer profile. These are the types of companies, industries, or customers I know I can help

When you know you can help them, it’s amazing how much better you’re going to feel on that call. Plus, imagine how much better you’re going to listen

What about how much more confident your voice is? Whether it be on my podcast, or on a sales call, being able to help people comes through in my tone of voice. 

But Mark, I can have a bad attitude and still make calls because they just wind up going to voicemail. Wrong! Your attitude comes through in your voicemail—even in how you write your emails. 


2. Remind yourself of how you’ve helped your customers.

I want you to take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of it. On the left hand side, write down the names of five or ten of your best customers. On the right hand side, write down not what you sold them, but how you helped them. 

This is so key. Right there in black and white you’ll see how you’ve absolutely made a difference. And when you look at that, it’s incredible how it changes your outlook. 

3. Call your favorite customer.

I was working with a sales team just the other day on this. Call one of your favorite customers and they’re going to be thankful you called. They’re going to tell you how much they appreciate you. 

You’re going to start feeling good, and have that great attitude now while simultaneously helping your customer feel cared for and appreciated.

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It’s time to check in on your attitude. 


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