So many salespeople could be GREAT salespeople if they could just master prospecting. 

I used to be one of those people that—ugggh—I did not want to prospect. Today’s blog is brought to you by my 15 Things Holding Salespeople Back. We’ll be diving into one setback each week. 

This week: fear of rejection. Something that traverses jobs, industries, even cultures.

1. Believe in the outcomes you create. 

It’s not about what you sell, it’s not even how you sell, it’s why you sell. To quote Simon Sinek, it is the outcomes you create

I want you to take a piece of paper and write down all of the ways that you’ve helped your customers in the past. Write that down, celebrate it. Keep that with you.

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You’re going to get rejected, but that’s okay, because you believe in the outcomes. 

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2. It’s only a moment in time. 

Rejection is never permanent. You have to realize that when you make a call and you get rejected, it’s only a moment in time. It’s never, “Oh, they rejected me and therefore they’re never gonna speak to me again.” 

I look at a rejection this way: I could be driving down the road, and the traffic light is green. I drive through the intersection and a car runs the red light the other way and hits me sideways. Although I was in the right, I just happened to be in the right place, wrong time. 

There’s always another moment in time. There’s always another prospect.

My whole goal is this: I am never going to let one phone call, one rejection, stop me from everything else. Even if I’m in a car accident, I’m probably going to be driving again. Sure, I might be shook up for a bit, but you know what? I’ll get back in the car. 

I never let a negative phone call impact the next phone call. 

3. You’re in the business of helping people. 

It’s not about what you sell, it’s not about price point or anything like that. You’re in the business of helping people. How can you not get excited to help people? 

I get it, they don’t know you can help them and that’s why they reject you. But this is why we have to keep coming back despite getting rejected three, four or five times from them. Eventually, we will either find them or other people who will say, “Hey, I want to hear your message.” 

In the business of helping people, that does mean you will intrude, jump in on them, interrupt them, but you know you can make a difference. So if I get rejected, that’s okay. I’m gonna come back and try again. 

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My goal is this: I just want to earn the right, the privilege, honor and respect to be able to talk with you again. If I do, that’s great. 

4. Celebrate your wins. 

A win might simply be somebody calling you back, or somebody actually taking your phone call. Celebrate it! 

Too many times when salespeople are prospecting, they only celebrate the win when they actually get the sale. But prospecting is comprised of so many little activities, all along the way. Those smaller wins are worth celebrating.

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5. Rejection is normal. 

Think about how many times you’ve had people call you and you’ve rejected them. Rejection is absolutely normal, there’s nothing wrong with it. Saying yes to everything is impossible. 


6. Even the best people face rejection. 

I don’t care who you are, everyone has faced rejection. Whether it be a major athlete, a scholar, or a business person, we all face rejection and that’s okay. 

You aren’t being singled out. You’re not, I get rejected all the time and that’s okay. In fact, prospecting is about being rejected far more than people say yes. That’s okay, I’m very comfortable with that.  

 Prospecting Is About Helping People.


I’m interrupting!
I’m intruding!
I’m catching them at a bad time!


No, you can help them. And it’s your responsibility to reach out.


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