We are almost to the end of our list of 14 things great salespeople do that average salespeople only think about.

Today we come to #12:

12.  Great salespeople are proud of what they do.

They love sales not in an arrogant manner, but in a respectful manner, and it’s with this same manner that they approach every person they come in contact with.

The pride and love they have is seen in the level of confidence they have, regardless of the type of situation they’re involved with.

Confidence is at the core of every successful person.

Confident people look at things with a level of anticipated success. Confident people are far more likely to have others seek them out for guidance and direction.   Confident people are not driven to success by making others look bad, but are driven to success by helping everyone around them feel successful.

Confidence attracts confidence.  People who are lacking confidence tend to avoid associating with confident people out of a fear they will be made to look bad.  For the sales manager, this is an extremely important trait.  Confident people are going to seek out confident people, because that’s who they’re attracted to.

Same things goes for customers.  Confident customers tend to be more successful and, therefore, they’re the better customers.

Confidence creates opportunity and in turn opportunity creates profit.   Great salespeople exude confidence, not to the point of being arrogant, but in being able to handle any situation at any time.

A confident salesperson is much more likely to ask customers difficult questions that uncover new needs or opportunities.

They are willing to do this, because they know they can handle whatever it is the customer has to say.  This allows the salesperson to be in a much better position to help the customer and thus separates them even more from the average salesperson who is afraid to ask the tough questions.

How much confidence do you have?

Where have you seen it on display and would others say the same?

What do you need to do to improve your level of confidence to allow you to achieve more success with your customers?

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