How people use Facebook is as varied as there are personalities. How people use Facebook to sell is no different.  First off, Facebook has some pretty strict rules about how it’s used for commerce (but that’s not the point of this blog entry).

What I’m talking about is the importance of how we position ourselves to others via our Facebook entries or, for that matter, any social media entry.  If you’re a “digital immigrant,” you’re of the era that says the internet is this big, confusing landscape. Time to get over your apprehension. Use Facebook and other social media sites to allow people to get to know you via the web and to see your personality, values, and integrity, especially if you’re in sales.

The role of the salesperson has changed dramatically over the last few years, and the way prospects and customers connect with you is even more varied.   More than ever you have to allow yourself to be positioned across multiple web platforms to allow people to access you and allow them to gain insights into who you are.  This does not mean revealing every detail about your life. In fact, your prospects and customers alike would be turned off by knowing every detail.

They do, however, want to feel confident in what they find about you.   Put information on your social media sites like Facebook that allow potential prospects to gain confidence in you. When they have that level of confidence in you, then they are more likely to move from prospect to suspect (someone who is a viable possibility to become a customer).

Now if you’re thinking you can separate work from pleasure, then you truly are a digital immigrant.  You see, digital natives realize there is no separation between work and non-work — the two are interrelated and digital natives don’t just accept this…they embrace it!  We as digital immigrants have to come to the same realization or we will be completely left behind.

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