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sales managerThe impact sales managers and leaders have on a sales team is much greater than we realize.

Many times sales managers are the last voice the salesperson hears before engaging on a sales call.

It’s only natural if we’re the last voice that our voice must have a huge impact.

I’m amazed at the number of sales managers I meet who in prepping a salesperson for a big call will spend the entire time focusing on the negative things that might occur.

Nothing wrong with being prepared, but when the discussion is focused on the downside, we run the risk of having the salesperson become so focused on the downside they fail to see the upside.

Prepping salespeople before a big call is a must, but part of it must always focus on the upside.

The objective is to not just gain as big of a sale as possible, but also to mentally prepare the salesperson to view the sales call in a positive manner.

One approach I always used when I was leading a sales team was to reference back to a great sales call the salesperson made earlier. Linking the expectations of the upcoming call to a previous success is a very simple, yet effective, way to help the salesperson feel positive going into the new call.

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