Are you learning something new each day? If not, you’re not growing.

If you see yourself as a strong leader or a great salesperson, you must be committed to asking more questions.

Each day I challenge myself to learn something new, and then I find a way to use what I learned to help me tomorrow. I just hung up the telephone with Mike Weinberg, who is a good friend and yes, you do need to read his book, New Sales Simplified.

Mike and I were comparing notes on several topics, and in just a short 20-minute call, I learned several new insights and so did he. The beauty is the conversation was well worth it. How many of these conversations are you having each day with people you know, lead or sell to?

Watch this 90-second clip from a keynote speech where I talk about the value of questions:


Notice what I say at the 54-second mark, where I share the two questions each leader/manager should be asking each of their people each day.  We grow when we take advantage of every opportunity around us to learn. The learning takes on real value when we can then apply the learning going forward.

What will you learn today? How will you use it tomorrow?

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