Are the decisions we make no different than what everyone else would make? If all we’re looking for is average, then that’s fine. The problem is average is just that — average. It doesn’t get you anywhere.

Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and one of the earliest Internet gurus, shared some interesting thoughts about robots, driverless cars, and artificial intelligence (AI).   Here is the link to read a quick summary:

Marc Andreessen Says We’re Wrong About Robots Taking Jobs

Are you guilty of not thinking things through in a contrarian manner? I think we all can significantly up our game if we begin looking at things in this way.

One of the best examples of the need for contrarian thinking can be seen by remembering how 10 years ago everyone was talking about “peak oil.” Conventional thinking held that the world was quickly running out of oil. Clearly that didn’t happen, as technology uncovered massive oil reserves in many places once thought to hold little potential. This is a great example how contrarian thinking overtook conventional thinking.

Contrarian thinking allows us to unlock new opportunities and to see potential where others don’t see anything. We all live in a bubble. It’s just a degree as to how big our bubble is. The smaller the bubble, the less we’ll see in terms of opportunities. Marc Andreessen without a doubt lives in a big bubble driven by his contrarian thinking.

How much bigger could you make your bubble if you viewed more things in a contrarian manner? How much more successful would you be as a salesperson if you viewed yourself as a contrarian salesperson?

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