There’s a lot of talk about how leaders need to be “all in,” and I’m a firm believer in it. The same applies to salespeople at all levels.

We have to be all in with those with whom we come in contact. Recently, I was working with a salesperson making sales calls and I was blown away by how much he personally knew about his customers and they knew about him. What was neat is there was genuine interest on all sides. It wasn’t just knowing the person for the sake of business; it was knowing the person to help them professionally and personally.

Being all in means just that. It means being all in. In today’s world with the level of competition and information available, if we fail to be all in with those with whom we come in contact, we’ll fail to live up to our potential.

Success as a leader is in helping others, and that means being able to connect with them on their level. It doesn’t mean standing afar and lobbing stuff at them. It’s being in the trenches with them.

The only way we’ll truly know and in turn be able to impact others is if we’ve taken the time to walk in their shoes and earn their trust and confidence.

Last week I returned from an engagement in Darwin, Australia, where I had the privilege to be the main speaker at a financial services conference called NextGen. The event was geared for people under the age of 40 who work in Australia.

To make it engaging it included quite a few different activities. Let’s just say it involved swimming, ropes, Segways, crocodiles, kick-boxing, alligators, Yoga and a lot more.

Last I looked, I’m older than 40, but I knew if I was going to make an impact with the group, I had to be all in from start to finish. Challenge for me was I coming into the event straight from doing another conference in Las Vegas and dealing with a 17-hour time difference. I arrived at the same time as the attendees.

Yes, the picture is of me on a Segway not more than hour after getting off my flight from the United States. It would have been easy for me to bow out due to my 17-hour time difference and need to rest, but that would not be all in and you only get one chance to make a first impression.

When the event ended three days later, I was exhausted and yes, sore from all of the activities and having done a day and a half of training, but I was all in. Did it work? Yes!

The attendees loved the fact I was all in for everything.   As a result, the content I shared stuck, and as the attendees are now back in their jobs, they’re putting the new strategies to work growing their businesses.

Are you all in with your customers? Are you all in with those you lead? Are you all in with those you’re looking to impact?


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