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To be a leader means to put others first. Leadership is all about helping others see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

When we make leadership about us and start using the word “I,” there is little chance the organization will ever achieve its fullest potential.

Recently I’ve been watching a couple of people who claim they are leaders, and if you see the influence they have over others, you would agree.

What I’m having a problem with is these leaders have had a significant level of success, and as a result, I’m watching how the leaders are responding using the word “I” in everything.

It’s no longer about the team. It’s no longer about others. It’s now all about the leader.

When we shift our leadership from the team to ourselves, we might be able to maintain results short term, but far too often in the long term, the group suffers.   Focusing on ourselves is nothing more than arrogance.

One of the fastest ways to destroy the ability to think clearly is to let arrogance dominate your mindset.

You may not see yourself as a leader and feel this issue doesn’t apply to you, but I’ll contend it affects everyone, myself included.   One of the greatest traits we can have is the trait of being able to have success and not allow the success go to our head.

Leadership is not about what you achieve; it’s about what those you are fortunate enough to lead are able to accomplish.   We all need to place more emphasis on those we lead and less emphasis on ourselves.

Make it your objective to help others achieve their objectives. Despite how focused and intent we are on making our own objectives, we can never forget that ultimately our objectives are not ours, but our team’s objectives.

Leadership begins when we minimize ourselves and maximize our people.

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