IMG_1305Thursday was the final day for Dreamforce ’14.

By midday Thursday, the streets of San Francisco were already beginning to return to normal…or at least normal for SF.

Discussions Thursday with peers were all focused around sharing the key insights picked up from Dreamforce.

Not an unusual topic at all, but what struck me was what people were saying and how they were saying it.

Yes, there were plenty of people saying how they were going to do “X” or “Y” or connect back with this person or this company, but bigger was what people were saying about long-term.

People talked about the continued evolution of data and technology and how there really are no boundaries to what might be possible.  Again, nothing unusual, but I came away strongly believing the idea is more than sinking in and people are embracing it.

Now more than ever, I feel organizations and people are willing to accept wholesale change in their world.  They feel not only is it coming, but they want it to occur and occur now.

Let me add another dimension to idea of change.  Several discussions in which I found myself centered around how the workplace has never had as many different generations working at the same time as now.

Combining these two things really gets my head spinning.  Each generation has its own way of doing things, and yet at this time the tsunami of change is coming at us at a speed never seen before.

So now let me come back to the title of this blog post, “10-Year Planning,” and ask this question: “Are you doing it?”   Do we even know what questions to ask with regard to that type of planning?  I don’t think so, because what we have to do is become as adept as possible at seizing whatever trend or technology suddenly appears.

10-Year planning may become more irrelevant than ever, and by accepting that, we may become even more ready to accept what our jobs/companies will look like 10 years from now.

Thank you to the folks at Salesforce for another amazing Dreamforce event!  Thank you for providing me the platform to speak, share and engage with so many thought leaders.

The ideas are endless. The opportunities endless. The only thing holding us back are the limitations we put on ourselves.

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