Most probably assume their personality sells. But what if it’s the opposite?

A personality that sells is a personality that puts the customer first. 

And when we put the customer first, it’s amazing what we hear.

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Your personality is a reflection of your attitude. 

When it comes to prospecting, attitude is especially critical. Because if I go into a prospecting call with the wrong attitude, I’m going to have the wrong personality.

When I go into a call, whether it be a phone call, a video call, or face-to-face meeting, your personality comes through very quickly. The person on the other end receives it and processes it just as we are processing theirs. 

There’s an immediate emotional connection or disconnection, and this is why so many prospecting calls go awry. 

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Don’t think for a moment that your personality is only in how you come across visually. No, your personality comes across in your language. It comes across in your emails! 


Your personality is going to come out right in that first sentence and the last sentence. Of course, it is not about making the email cheesy or all fluff. Instead, it’s about understanding the customer

Our personality is about being natural. 

It’s about being who we are. Even on my podcast, The Sales Hunter Podcast, or when I record videos for this blog, you’ll see I use my voice to showcase my personality. I slow my pace, I lower my tone.

I’m not changing my personality, I’m changing my approach. My personality is still the same. I want to engage you. 

Personality affects the type of questions we ask, but more importantly, impacts the answers we get. This is why two people can ask a customer literally the exact same question and get completely different answers. 

So I want you to stop and ask yourself this question: Is my personality centered around the other person, or is it centered around me? 

The attitude we have going into a sale predetermines the results we get coming out of it. 

Before you go into any call, before you write any email, ask yourself this question:

How will I put the customer first? What can I say? Or ask? What can I do to put the customer first? 

That’s the question I want you to ask, because it’s not about you. 

Sales is competitive. 

Many times we’re in conversations with a customer where there’s a competitor, and our proposals are pretty equal. So who’s the customer going to do business with? The person they like the most; the person who is most engaging.

The personality you express going into a call, during a sales call, even throughout the whole sale process is a reflection of the service that the customer’s going to get once they choose to buy from you. 

So before any call, text message, social media post, ask yourself: Is going to put the customer first? 

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