Do You Sell Using a “Push” or “Pull” Strategy?

Person offering help to another on puzzle pathWhen asked this question, most salespeople respond by saying they use a “push” sales strategy.

They say this based on how they view a typical sales call being one where the salesperson is convincing or showing the customer all of the features and benefits of what they offer.

I believe this approach is totally wrong, and it is the reason why more sales calls wind up going nowhere.

If we shift to a “pull” strategy, I feel we will have a much higher close ratio and, better yet, do it with a higher margin.  The “push” and “pull” concept has been key to marketing for years. When we say “pull,” it refers to creating incentives at the customer level that encourage them to buy the product.

“Push” marketing is focused around loading up the channel, advertising heavily and trying to convince the customer to buy.   (Yes, I know the true marketing definitions of these are much more complex. I’m just trying to be simple in the context of this blog.)

A “pull” strategy for sales is one where the customer comes to believe the product you have is the one they have to buy.  Beauty is when the customer believes this, price becomes less of an issue.

A “pull” sales strategy is centered around you, the salesperson, asking questions to get the customer to reveal the needs they have and the outcomes the desire. By asking questions, you’re allowing the customer to drive the discussion — or so they think — and thus they will be far more likely to convince themselves.

Once they have convinced themselves, there is no stopping them and  they will be adamant about buying to satisfy their need.

Take a look at your sales process. Is it geared around you telling the customer and “pushing” the customer?  How much of your presentation is geared toward pulling? Easiest thing you can do to begin moving from a “push” to a “pull” approach is by asking more questions.  Make it your objective to add 5 more questions to each sales presentation you make.  You’ll be amazed at what happens next.

A “pulling” sales strategy where you allow the customer to pull you along will result in not only more sales, but also more sales at a higher profit.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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1 thought on “Do You Sell Using a “Push” or “Pull” Strategy?”

  1. Mark,

    Brilliant as usual!

    Well crafted questions draw the person out. They help the customer to explore the “WHY” of doing business with you and “WHAT” it is going to take.

    Once your customer has said it for themselves – you nailed it – there is NO stopping them.

    Thank you for the great work you do to …

    Love ’em ALL UP!

    The Irreverent Sales Girl

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