How confident are you in the outcomes you can help your customers achieve? After finishing speaking to an audience recently, I was approached by a salesperson who was seen by his company as a high achiever.

This person had won numerous awards and was viewed as a rock star by his peers.

Within a minute of talking with the sales rock star, it became obvious to me why he was successful. His success was based 100% on what he was selling and it wasn’t what the marketing people had spent the entire first half of the sales meeting talking about.

The marketing team had just unveiled the latest product improvements to a sales audience excited to go sell the improved products.

What made me realize why the sales rock star was just that was the way he communicated and the level of confidence he had in the questions he asked.  I quickly turned the tables on him by asking him a question.

My question to him was, “What is it you sell?”   He answered without missing a beat by saying, “I sell confidence. When the customer believes, they buy. And they only believe when they’re confident.”

Boom! Drop the mic. Show’s over. He nailed it!

I’m tired of sales meetings being nothing more than product information dumps where operations and marketing drone on and on about product specs.  Customers aren’t going to buy anything until they’re confident they are going to achieve the outcome they are looking for.

That right there is where 100% of our time needs to be focused.  It’s all about creating confidence in the outcome. Nothing more, nothing less.

Where are you focusing your time? Is it on the product or in helping the customer to feel confident about the outcome? We create confidence through the questions we ask and our ability to listen to understand.

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