Would you rather be sold something or would you rather buy something? Nobody wants to be sold something but they do want to buy. The question is, why do they want to buy? The answer-they want to gain something. Breaking this down more means customers are really looking to make an investment. They are willing to give you money in exchange for a product or a service that will help them.

In my book, High-Profit Selling, I write a lot about the concept of shifting our thinking to help us better understand why the customer would want to invest with us. It does not matter if it is business to business or business to consumer, the concept is still the same. The purchase is an investment.

Ask yourself if the questions you ask your customers are focused on getting the customer to see what you’re asking them to do as an investment. The immediate shift is to get away from talking product features and getting the customer to talk about the benefits or outcomes they are looking to achieve. Once the customer sees the value in the outcome they can achieve, then we are in a position to have them buy.

In my book, High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price, I talk a lot about this issue. If you have not read my book, High-Profit Selling, I strongly suggest you get a copy today.

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Give it a read, leave a review, and let me know how it helps you and your company. I know it will!

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