If you want to increase your closing ratio and increase the amount of money you make on each sale, then increase your confidence and increase the level of confidence the customer has in you.

We’ve all heard the old line about how people buy from people they like.

No argument from me regarding this. I believe it 100%.

I think, however, the line really goes much deeper and it should be something like “people will pay more for something when they’re buying from people they have confidence in.”

Confidence not only impacts the initial sale, but it also impacts even more the next sale and the referral sale. When a high degree of confidence exists between the customer and the salesperson, the sales process becomes much simpler and less involved.

Follow-up sales become more routine, and only when confidence exists do referral sales have a chance for developing.

How do you create confidence in the customer?

It starts with you having confidence in yourself and the process you use to help your customers.   I believe an outgrowth of confidence is passion and, specifically, the passion to help others.

When a person is confident in themselves and has a passion to help others, it  becomes very evident to others they with whom they come in contact.

Having a high-degree of confidence removes the potential to make stupid comments that can result in destroying a sale.  Confidence allows you to answer customer questions in full candor and without hesitation.  Confidence allows integrity to be the central point of the sales process.

Ask yourself this question: Having read the preceding paragraph, would you be more likely to buy from someone who has this level of confidence than someone who does not?

Sure you would! And you would be far more likely to have fewer objections and far more likely to pay full price.

Confidence sells.

More importantly, the higher your level of confidence, the higher the level of profit you will achieve.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.


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