Recently I noticed a sales call that should have resulted in a sale very rapidly. However, it was delayed a rather long period of time due to the customer’s inability to make a decision. Their inability to make a decision stemmed from the numerous options the salesperson was presenting. In essence, the customer was overwhelmed with too much information to process. As a result, their natural defense mechanism of slowing down kicked in.

Watch what you present and how you present. Don’t allow yourself to become so enthused about what you’re selling that you offer the customers more options than they can process. Yes, it may appear you’re potentially leaving out some sales by closing too early, but when the customer is confused, you’re not going to make any sales anyway.

The best way to work through this situation is by first making sure the customer is engaged. Are they giving you the information that allows you to determine what they really want and need? As you present options, only present enough options for them to make a decision. You can do this by trial closing as a way of finding out what their decision-making criteria really is. After you have one sale, you can always come back for more, but until you get the first sale, you can’t even begin thinking about the next sale.

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