Remember that song, “Blinded By the Light” from the 70s? Some of you are probably not old enough to remember – that’s ok. Anyways, I couldn’t help but think of that song as I put this bright green jacket of mine on today. It’s a jacket I wear only when I’m going to run at night. You really can see me from a mile away when I wear it. As I put it on, I was reminded of that old song.

How many times have we been blinded by the light? How often are we blinded by the shiny object -say squirrel, squirrel? We get caught up in something else. I can’t fathom the enormous amount of time I’ve wasted throughout my life blinded by the light. Isn’t it interesting how sometimes the shiniest, flashiest people you see out there are really not that smart? Typically, the really smart ones are actually the quiet ones that nobody has heard of. Strange, huh? 

I can think of several friends who are incredibly brilliant. I love spending time with them, yet nobody knows who they are because they’re not flashy. They just go out and do their thing. Others out there are not really smart, but boy, they are out there because they’re flashy kind of like my current jacket that’s blinding. Those kinds of people blind people by the light. 

Now, let’s take a step back and really think for a moment. Do we draw conclusions? Do we draw our sense of belief based on being blinded by the light, or is it truly substance? It’s funny because sometimes when the person who is flashy says something or comes up with something that’s flashy, we all believe it. It’s easy to buy into what they’re saying. That’s how you get conspiracy theories, right? Wow. But we have to dig deep.

I’m challenging myself to dig deeper and challenge myself to honestly question if this is the next shiny object, the squirrel, or my lime green running jacket. I’m highly visible to other people when I wear the bright green jacket. As people see me running in it, they may think that I’m an incredible ultra-marathon runner, but nope, not at all. And that’s me blinding them by the light of what I’m wearing. 

So, are you blinding other people by your light? We should lead people by our light, not blind people by it. Well, that’s what I’m thinking about this morning. Yes, I plan to go for a run very shortly. Don’t worry, though – I’m not an ultra-marathon runner. I’m not even much of a 10K runner anymore. I’m just thankful to be able to run at all and complete a run.

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