How can you ever expect to achieve the results you need from prospecting if you aren’t prepared to prospect? Prospecting is tough enough, so you shouldn’t make it even harder on yourself. Watch this video to learn how you prepare to prospect to ensure you prospect effectively:



The worst thing you can do is sit down, suddenly start making prospecting calls or sending out emails and expect results. Most likely, you’ll be disappointed with your results. Prospecting effectively includes getting ready and this always has to involve working a day ahead. How you spend your time preparing to prospect the day before determines the outcomes of your prospecting. The work you accomplish beforehand has a significant impact on your results. I like to say, “tomorrow begins today,” and this is especially true when it comes to prospecting.

Getting ready to prospect is more than just having a list of people you intend to reach out to. Before the end of the day today, you should decide who you will prospect, what questions you intend to ask them and your goal for each person who you plan to contact tomorrow. Doing all of this ensures that you won’t waste your time or the time of those you call. Also, you’ll have more confidence with each call if you get ready the day before. Finally, planning ahead gives you goals so you can measure your effectiveness.

Did you notice that I did not tell you to decide what you’re going to say to the prospect? Rather, I told you to know what questions you should ask.  The last thing a prospect wants to hear is a long-winded pitch about you and your company. The only way you can expect to engage a prospect is by truly engaging them and this starts with asking questions to get them talking. Take time to develop questions that you feel will grab the prospect’s attention and engage them in the conversation. You will never be in a position to ask the right question at the right time unless you take the time to prepare.

When you take the time to prepare in advance to prospect, you’ll be amazed at your success!

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