Time for ActionIf somebody were to measure your level of commitment, would they be able to?

Or would they merely come away thinking you’re only a participant?

Think about what it is you do each and every day and the impact you have. Are you committed to the outcome?

Commitment is seen in the level of focus one takes not just in the heat of the battle, but also in everything else.  Far too many salespeople are merely participating in the sales process. They do what it takes in their mind to succeed and nothing more.

The salesperson who is committed to the job they do is focused in everything they do, and it comes through in the level of energy and passion they take toward their job.

How committed are you?  When you answer the question, don’t answer it as if you were in the midst of closing a big deal. Answer it with how you see yourself 24/7.  Committed salespeople are salespeople 24/7. They’re engaged. They’re focused.

Today don’t be a mere participant, but rather be fully committed as a sales leader in everything you do.   This includes not just being a sales leader with the customers you meet, but also with everyone else you meet.   It includes being a sales leader who is committed when planning and preparing.

Participants don’t prepare; they merely show up and think they will be successful.  To me that is the biggest difference between a participant and one who is committed.   The salesperson who is committed does not allow things to merely happen. They prepare to make things happen and they’re ready for whatever happens.

Are you committed?   Are you the one who is focused on making things happen?   Let’s have fun being committed to success — not just this week, but for every day going forward.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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