A Testimony About the Importance of Passion

Recently, I received an email from a young salesperson who can attest to my theory that passion is a lost art. Only 22 years old, he has already assumed the responsibilities of someone twice his age. He wrote, “I have been in sales since I graduated high school . . . and have been the top sales person in both sales jobs I have had and currently have.” He has been a corporate account executive for a large cellular telephone company and now has an entire state as his territory for a company in the fuel industry.

How did he achieve so much in such a short time? He attributes his success to his passion: “I seized the opportunity. . .I am so passionate about my product and I have been told by my customers in testimonials and meetings. . .Because I think that having these responsibilties is important, that shows me that self improvement is very possible. I am 22 with the responsibilties of a 40 year old man.”

Passion, at any age, can take you places. It’s never too late to show it.

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