A reader recently wrote in with the following question:   “What are your thoughts on “ride-a-longs”? Example:  I am sell a number of different services offered by my company and when I get an appointment with a prospect, I have to take one of my business managers on the first call with the potential client. Doesn’t this hurt my credibility as far as the potential client feeling like I am capable of taking care of their needs?”

The Sales Hunter’s response:  Yes, on the surface, taking someone along with you on the initial call does hurt your credibility.  Unfortunately, it also makes it appear that you and your company are desperate to close the sale.  By taking one of your managers along with you, the focus will shift to what the manager’s focus of business is. You, on the other hand, are responsible for the entire portfolio.  If you go out by yourself on the initial call, you’ll be in a better position to ask broad open questions to really determine what the needs of the customer are.  I believe that by taking a manager along with you on the first call, you’re leaving money on the table because of your company’s haste in trying to close a sale. 

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