Want to build your sales motivation?  Look around you.

The people in your circle of influence can be instrumental in how motivated you stay long term.

Here are 9 ways to use your network to build your sales motivation:

1. Aim to make one referral each day to either someone in your network or refer someone in your network to someone else.

2. Make one phone call a day to somebody in your network and ask them to share with you a success they’ve had recently — then compliment them on it.

3. Share with one person each day in your network something positive about what you see happening in the economy either today or in the future.

4. Compliment one person each day about something you’ve seen them do.

5. Introduce one person a day to somebody else.

6. Post one positive comment each day on your Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

7. If somebody in your network continues to display negative behavior, immediately look to dramatically reduce your contact with them.

8. Each day thank yourself for the network you’ve created and the positive impact you’ve been able to have on others.

9. At the start of each week, ask yourself how you’re going to help somebody in your network achieve their goals.

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