Everyone knows if you want to be successful in sales, you have to be motivated.

Problem is it can be a lot easier said than done.

Here are 9 sales motivation ideas you can use right NOW:

1. Celebrate your success each day.

Regardless of what you did or did not do, never allow yourself to end the day without thinking back on the day and celebrating whatever it was you did that you felt was the most successful thing.

2. Don’t spend time hanging out with negative people.

The only thing negative people are capable of doing is making those around them feel negative also.  This includes any type of talk radio or other media outlets that are negative in nature.

3. Always have something positive to say to people you come in contact.

Express your thanks to those who serve you in a restaurant, store, or any other place.  Studies have shown people who are thankful and complimentary of others have a much better outlook of their own situations.

4. Be goal oriented, not task oriented.

It’s up to you to control your time and calendar.  Yes, you have to be flexible but at the end of the day, others aren’t going to be concerned if you didn’t make your goals.

5. Quit blaming others.

Blaming others doesn’t do anything but get you in the mood for creating excuses for anything that doesn’t go right.

6. Make sure you have at least one positive piece of information you can share with each customer you meet.

Your own enthusiasm and passion to help others will encourage others to act the same way around you.

7. Set a goal for each week you know you can achieve.

Yes, you’ll always have goals given to you that can be overwhelming, but by setting your own goal you know you can achieve, you will feel better and create momentum.  The momentum you create on your goal will carry over and help you work toward achieving your big goal.

8. Think long-term.

Anytime you feel things are not going well, shift your thinking to be more long-term.  By thinking long-term, you can see the problems you might be having today in a different light.

9. Keep a journal and record your successes and the goals you achieve.

Keeping a journal of your successes can give you a great tool to refer back to anytime you need a lift.  Also, by putting your successes in writing, it’s amazing how it can motivate you even more.

Take the time to put into motion the sales motivation ideas you can use NOW!

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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