customer-doesnt-careIf you want to close more sales, you better first do something about these 8 reasons your customers don’t care:

1. Why should they care about you when you don’t care about them?

Don’t even try faking it. If you do try to fake that you care, your customer will throw you out even faster.  Successful salespeople care about their customers.

2. There is no difference between what you’re selling and what your competitor is selling.

If you can’t come up with at least 5 reasons why you’re different than your competitor, then how will you ever expect the customer to buy from you?

3. Zero credibility.

There is nothing you’ve said or done that has even one ounce of credibility.   Customers will pay for trust and confidence. In fact, they will pay big money for trust and confidence.   Structure your sales process to allow them to see it.

4. The customer thinks you’re a loser based on how you present yourself.

You wouldn’t want to do business with a loser, so why should your customers?  If you can’t present yourself properly, then how will you ever build trust and confidence?

5. You, the salesperson, comes across as the person who knows it all and is not hesitant to tell everyone how smart you are.

Salespeople who are trying to build their self-esteem off their customers shouldn’t be in sales.  They should be back in middle school where they belong.

6. The customer doesn’t have to talk because you the salesperson is doing all the talking.

Nothing like ignoring what the customer has to say. Yet, too many salespeople do just that — ignore the customer!

7. The salesperson doesn’t know when to close.

In fact, they don’t have anything resembling a sales process.   I call it  showing up and throwing up.   The number one part left out of a sales process is the close, and the reason is simple — the salesperson doesn’t have a plan.

8. There is nothing you’ve shared with the customer they couldn’t find on the internet or, worse yet, already did find on the internet.

In case you missed the memo, sales has changed. Customers are far more intelligent than they used to be thanks to the internet.

There is no doubt that if you want to close more sales, you can’t skirt around the above issues.  Take a hard look at your sales process, your attitude and your belief in your product.  Determine if sales is the right field for you.

If it is, become even more diligent in understanding your customer’s needs and wants — and showing them how your product or service can help them achieve the outcomes they desire.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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