You’ve had a great sales call, the customer is motivated, they’re ready to buy and you know you can close the deal.

Here are 7 secrets you need to follow to ensure you get the price you want:

1.  Deliver it with confidence.

The worst thing you can do is look uncertain as you present. Confidence means positive body language, eye contact and a solid voice.

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2.  Make the offer time sensitive.

In both the offer and in your verbal comment, state the offer is only good for “x” amount of time.

3.  No stupid follow-up questions.

Don’t present the offer and then ask something stupid such as, “So what do you think?”  Present it and be silent.

The old rule applies. The person who talks first, loses.

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4.  Do not negotiate.

Be prepared to walk away if they reject it.  If you go in with the attitude of negotiating, you will. My rule is you sell first and negotiate second.  This means before you negotiate anything, the customer must reject your offer twice.  Be prepared to walk away.

If you’ve done your job in learning the customer’s needs and basing your offer off what they’re looking for, there is a good chance they will come back and accept it.

5.  Be ready to present two options.

First, present a high-priced option, and second, present the price offer you’re looking for.  The high-price offer can give the second offer a nice contrast of being affordable to the customer.  Having two options and allowing the customer to decide allows them to feel as if they’re in control.

6.  Treat them special. 

If you’re dealing with someone who has an ego, allow them to make a choice on something such as a delivery date, invoice terms or something that allows them to feel as if they’re getting something special.

The key is to know what you might offer before you present anything, and make sure whatever is offered does not negatively impact your price or profit margin.


7.  Use the presumptive closing technique.

With this approach you give them the price and then state something like, “We’ll go ahead and start working on the project next Monday.”

Before they realize it, they’ve accepted your offer and you’re both moving forward. 


 I believe these 7 secrets will help you confidently close your next deal and get your price.

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