2016 sales successWant to get 2016 off to a fabulous start?

Below are 7 big sales questions you need answered:

1. How do you keep your pipeline packed full of qualified opportunities?

2. How do you accelerate the sales cycle to close more deals faster?

3. How do you leverage a sales stack to protect the golden hours?

4. How do you eliminate bad sales habits that are holding you back?

5. What do buyers want from you in 2016 and how to use this to gain a true competitive edge?

6. How do you grow your existing accounts faster and lock your competitors out?

7. How do you build a high-performance sales team and crush your 2016 number?

Having answers to these 7 questions will allow you to have a much better 2016.

Here’s the deal, I’ll give you answers to these 7 questions and a lot more at the Virtual Sales Kickoff 2016 event you need to sign up for now.

Join myself, Mike Weinberg, John Spence, Miles Austin, Jeb Blount, and Anthony Iannarino for this event.

If you joined up last year, you know the information will come fast and furious, but this year we’ve added more.

Sign up now and you not only get access to the video webinar, but also a full set of downloads, including ebooks, worksheets and on-line programs.

Virtual Sales Kickoff 2016 (VSK16) is Jan. 20, 1 – 2 PM EST.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it when it runs live. Everyone who signs up will get the link to watch the replay anytime.   But you need to sign up and you need to have your team sign up too.

I’m looking forward to the event! Last year we had 2,000! This year we’ve upped the system capabilities and are expecting 6,000, thanks to the support of our sponsors: TAS Group, Cirrus Insight and Velocify.

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