You’re a sales leader and you want to motivate your team and you ask the question, “How can you provide sales motivation training?”

Here are 6 tips you can use right now:

1. If you’re not positive, your people won’t be positive.

Your team takes cues from you, and if they hear you talking negative about customers, headquarters, or anything else, then it’s only natural they will pick up your negative style.

2. End every day you’re working with a salesperson on a positive note.

No matter how many obstacles you may have encountered and no matter how many areas you might feel the person needs to develop, end it positively.  Leave them feeling good about themselves and about the company and team they’re part of.

3. Make sure each person has a development plan both of you are in agreement on.

Support them, work with them, help them improve their selling skills.  If you don’t take an interest in their development, then don’t be surprised if they don’t take interest.

4. Stay in communication with each member of your team.

Take the time to listen to them, and be ready for their phone call or desire to meet whenever they want to. Make sure they know you’re there for them and you support them.  Salespeople can fall into slumps pretty quickly if they’re left alone too long.  This applies to both inside and outside salespeople.  Stay in touch with them and show interest in what they’re doing both professionally and personally.

5. Celebrate and share success with others.

Make it a habit to share with everyone in the organization the successes of individuals.   People like feeling important and hearing compliments and feedback from others about something they’ve done. This goes a long ways to helping people feel motivated.

6. Hold people accountable for both the good and the bad.

When something is not going right, it is your job as the sales leader to deal with it.  People expect it — both those involved and everyone else. They are looking to you as the leader to deal with it.

Finally, in the end, sales motivation is up to the individual.  The only thing you can do as a leader is to create the environment that allows the individual to motivate themselves.  This is what sales motivation training is all about.

The positive attitude you demonstrate in good times and bad will end up doing more than anything else to create that positive environment.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

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