shorter sales cycle1. Ask this key question to ask every prospect during the first contact:  What is your timeline for making a decision?

It only makes sense that if your goal is to close sales faster, you must be working with prospects who are most likely to buy NOW.

A prospect who says they’re not going to buy for a while doesn’t mean you ignore them. No, you still give them attention, just not as much right now.

The most valuable asset you have is your own time. Use it wisely by spending the maximum amount of time with those people who are most likely to buy now.

2. Get specific in your product offering by creating a “POE” for each type of customer.

“POE” stands for Point of Entry – A specific item that customers fitting this profile are most interested in buying.

Too many times salespeople try to sell everything to everyone, and in so doing, they wind up slowing down the decision making process. Many times, they lose the opportunity completely.

Keep it simple and make it fast!

3. Allow the customer to get the proof they need about you before you even contact them.

Yes, this means having a media presence and making sure the media presence is favorable to you and your company.

No need to go off the deep-end in terms of money and resources, but it does require attention.   The more the prospect can be sold on you and your products/services before you even approach them, the more likely you will be in closing the sale quickly.

4. Return all calls and follow-up on all leads NOW!

Studies show time and time again how salespeople are slow to respond. Every industry is different in terms of knowing what is a fast response and what is a slow response, but without a doubt, you need to respond to all inquiries the same day they come in.

5. Get referrals frequently and often.

Your current customers are your best advocates. Let them sell for you! Ask for referrals frequently and often.

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