linkedinWe should be way past even needing to have this discussion, but until everyone gets it, here you go: The five reasons why you need to have your profile on LinkedIn.

I couldn’t pass up posting this, because the LinkedIn Photo Tour is coming to Omaha Sept. 18.

(See the link at the end of the post and I’ll look forward to catching up with you there).

1. Your LinkedIn profile is your business card!

We’re in the digital age. Would you rather give someone your business card with merely a couple pieces of information or allow them to really get information about you?

2. A LinkedIn profile is the number one site most people will see first when they Google your name.

Yes, there are far more people out there than merely old high school friends who, for one reason or another, want to connect with you. Make it easy and make it good with your LinkedIn profile.

3. You’re much further ahead when you build your on-line reputation before you need it.

When you need it, it may be too late to build it. Build your on-line reputation now and thank yourself later.

4. LinkedIn is a great tool to establish professional relationships.

Sure beats attending boring networking events that serve stale appetizers and the crazy person who keeps pitching you on the latest “get rich quick” scheme.

5. LinkedIn provides you with access to incredible levels of information about subjects that matter to you.

It’s the place you can go to when you need information, and because it’s all put there by people like you, the information will be for people like you.

If you’re wondering what a good profile should look like, I suggest you check out profiles of people you respect and see as leaders and aim to mirror them. Feel free to check out my own profile.

Finally, take advantage of the LinkedIn Photo Tour. It’s a great way to get the photo you want and, at the same time, connect with great people in person.

The tour is coming to Omaha, and yes, I will be there! Check it all the cities and dates:

LinkedIn Photo Tour

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