IMG_1401 RevPut aside the debate about the Apple Watch and let me share with you 5 things I learned from the launch of it that are going to help me sell better:

1. Provide your customer with valuable information that will have them wanting to keep your appointment.

Apple has been teasing us with the Apple Watch for the last several months.  The result? They kept our interest and, in turn, it helped to make the launch presentation even bigger.

What can you provide your customer ahead of your sales call that will get them even more excited to meet with you?

2. Exhibit “sales leadership” in how you interact with the customer.

Apple did another masterful job with this.  They know people have high expectations from them and they take the role seriously.  They know that not only are they launching a product, but they are also impacting an entire industry.

Do you show your customers sales leadership with how you interact with them and how you view your industry?



3. Know what your supply chain can handle and make sure you have plans to deal with any issues.

Apple doesn’t do things in a small way.  They go big – in fact, they go very big!  They don’t move forward until they know the supply chain can handle what they are about to do.

As a salesperson, are you up to speed with how your supply chain works? More importantly, with whom do you need to communicate should issues arise?

4. Be confident and be bold with your product offering and your price.

Again, Apple has demonstrated their confidence with the Apple Watch.   Are you confident with how you interact with your customers?   I’m not talking about being arrogant. I’m talking about believing 100% in how you can help your customers.

5. Never forget the ability to sell one more thing.

We’ve come to expect it with each Apple launch. There’s the launch, and then there is the one more thing they want to sell us.  It’s beautiful the way they do it. The result is they get added exposure that leads to added sales.  What are you “suggestive” selling to your customers?  What can you add to an existing sale?

Apple certainly has cornered the market on a few things, but they haven’t cornered the market on great sales techniques.

You can learn to adapt their approach to what you sell, and along the way, you will proactively gain more profit and more success.

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